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Riley Chustz

Project Coordinator

Cereset® Technician

Riley's Story

Riley's journey with R.E.S.T.™ began when a sudden tragedy led her to Virginia for counseling after graduating college in 2020. R.E.S.T.  gave language to things she intuitively knew but did not fully comprehend. With her newfound understanding, came the ability to reconcile much confusion, chaos and dis-ease. Applying the principles of R.E.S.T. changed the trajectory of her life so drastically that she insisted on collaborating in whatever capacity was needed. First with redesigning the website, then developing all visual material and becoming a Cereset Technician. Currently, Riley is expanding the reach of R.E.S.T.  behind the scenes as our Project Coordinator. Riley is committed to helping others experience the same freedom she found through employing R.E.S.T..

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