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Randeleigh Harris

Executive Administrative Assistant


Randeleigh's Story

Randeleigh's professional background has been in finance, education and administrative work. While raising and home educating her triplets, she developed three network marketing companies in the publishing industry, fine-tuning her people, organizational and entrepreneurial skills. In her children's senior year of high school, her husband became permanently disabled, forcing her to move him into a skilled nursing home for three years. He ended up passing away in 2013. 

Realizing the need to prepare for a life without her husband of 30 years, Randeleigh went back to college after a 38-year hiatus. In the middle of that season, she became aware of Brainwave Optimization because of needs with two family members and saw the results of their optimizations.

 In August of 2012, she had a family crisis which caused a complete shutdown with her ability to process higher-level mathematics, prompting her to have an intensive. In the middle of the intensive, her math skills returned. Other than that, Randeleigh didn't notice much difference for a few months, but when she did, she realized it changed her life and her relationships. Her dear friend, Virginia Dixon, also noted the changes in her and her son, asked what was different, and learned about Brainwave Optimization. The transformation she saw influenced her to become a Brain State affiliate office to help better counsel patients.

After Randeleigh's intensive, she finally had a brain that could operate with resilience and plasticity. She believes this was why she could handle the intense stressors of her husband's deterioration and death, empty nest and the return to traditional employment. In 2015, within two weeks of graduating with her Bachelor's Degree, Virginia asked Randeleigh to join her as a brainwave technician. For the next three years, she learned the nuances of interpreting brain graphs and writing protocols. She loved the work and watching miracles in my chair every day. Few people have had the privilege of seeing first-hand the incredible power of this technology. Among those few, she watched her clients change within a week. 

In 2018, Virginia was given the opportunity to own a Cereset franchise, the next level of this technology. No longer would the team need to interpret graphs, write protocols and spend 20-30 hours a week per client. The new platform and its near AI software do all the work in a third of the time. Many of their BWO clients have returned to experience Brain Echo™, and Randeleigh has seen stubborn, resistant brains utterly release and relax quickly, providing the client with much-needed relief in a fraction of the time. 

For the past three years, Randeleigh has worked as Virginia's Executive Administrative Assistant and office manager. She has the joy of seeing a more global view of Tender Hearts Enterprises and is grateful and blessed to be working alongside such an incredible team of people and offering this technology to our community.

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