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40 Days of R.E.S.T.™

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Here’s what you get today: Access to On-Demand Course • Self-paced curriculum • 6 interactive video lectures on the foundational principles of R.E.S.T. • Weekly quizzes and resources • Assignments to begin applying the principles of R.E.S.T. in your life Access to Live Mentoring • Bi-weekly group calls with Virginia Dixon, W. Lee Cowden MD, MD(H) and R.E.S.T. Team • Professional input • Q&A • Practical R.E.S.T. application • Connect with like-minded individuals pursuing wholeness You’ll walk away with… • HOPE • An understanding of the root cause of your confusion, chaos and dis-ease • No longer feeling the weight of the past on your shoulders • Breaking free from self-hatred, depression, anxiety and despair • Finally living in alignment with your values, passions and convictions • Viewing yourself and the world differently Let’s step into a Place of R.E.S.T. together!

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40 Days of R.E.S.T.™

40 Days of R.E.S.T.™

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